Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joe Mauer: A Nine or Ten Year Contract IS Possible

So says Twins owner Jim Pohlad:

He also indicated an openness to signing Mauer for nine or 10 years, if that's what it would take. First baseman Justin Morneau's six-year contract signed two years ago is the current Twins record.

"I don't think six is a magic number," Pohlad said, adding: "Total value is what drives it. We do not have a term policy."

I have a difficult time giving such a large guarantee to a catcher, but it seems that the Twins are willing to do it because they love Mauer, they know how important he is, and they will do everything in their power to keep him off the free agent market. Forget about the impact of deferred compensation, giving Mauer such a large extension is what really could hurt the Twins down the road.

If you're Twins GM Bill Smith, would you give Joe Mauer a 10 year extension?


Anonymous said...

best player at his position and arguably the best catcher of all time! Why wouldnt you want him to finish his career with the your team?

Jorge Says No! said...

Because catchers historically break down and committing 10 years to a catcher is a risk in my eyes.