Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Morning Photo: Mr. T. Looking Patriotic And Ridiculous At Cubs Game

This picture is too good for words. Might I add that the American Flag pants and bandanna are very much in style these days.

If anyone has a copy of Mr. T singing the 7th inning stretch at yesterday's game, please email it to: jorgesaysno@gmail.com. Harry Carey would be very proud.

Mr. T needs to work on his throwing technique. Everything about this picture is awkward and fantastic...at the same time. All that's missing are the chains and the mohawk.

Oh yeah...I PITY THE FOOL!


Ron Rollins said...

Yeah, but the flag is not an item of apparell. That's actually federal law.

Its a representation of our country, and wearing (in my opinion) makes anyone more of a fool than a patriot.

Bill said...
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Bill said...

Let me try that again: here.