Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Does Brett Myers Want a Multi Year Deal?

File this one under "tweet that I don't understand":
Texas Rangers looking for low cost relief. They talked to Brett Myers agent. Team looking at 1 year. Myers trolling for a multiyear deal.
Now, I know Brett Myers has put together some strong seasons in the past as a starting pitcher, but I cannot understand why he would be looking for a multi year contract right now? Has Myers's value ever been lower?

Myers has missed substantial time in each of the past two years because of various ailments and injuries and as a result, he is no longer thought of as a top flight starting pitcher. If Myers was seriously interested in maximizing his value, then shouldn't he go after a one year deal in a place where he has the opportunity to start and hope that he performs up to his ability. If he does this, then he'll be setting himself up nicely for a big contract next winter when he is only 30 years old.

I understand how important financial security is to a baseball player and I can't fault Myers for trying to go for something longer than a one year deal. But the chances of him actually obtaining a multi year contract now are slim and if by chance he does, he'd be selling himself short financially.


Anonymous said...

Once again, a major league player thinking of himself higher than he should. Yes, he should accept a one-year deal and prove he can play a full year and do well. If I were Texas or any other team, that is all I would offer, period!

Unknown said...

He should be begging St. Louis for the opportunity to spend a year with Dave Duncan. The Cardinals would offer him a 1 yr, league minimum contract in a heartbeat.

Jorge Says No! said...

With Myers, you have to stick with a one year deal. Anything else is just stupid!

And it looks like Brad Penny just beat Myers to the punch to join the Cardinals...