Monday, March 1, 2010

The 2010 Royals

With the baseball season right around the corner, anything is possible. Spring means a new beginning and renewed optimism for beleaguered and tortured franchises. Hell, even the Royals think they can win a World Series right now!

But the odds are that the Royals will not win the World Series. Why? Because their talent is vastly inferior to other teams in the AL Central and in the American League in general. Let's face it, if your going to get involved in sports betting and put all your money down on the Royals winning the World Series, then you might want to get your head examined. This team has BOTH Kyle Farnsworth and Jose Guillen!

There are those who believe that hey, if the Royals get a few lucky bounces and some things go their way, then maybe they can be baseball's version of the New Orleans Saints. The Saints shocked the football world by winning the Super Bowl behind Drew Brees even though most experts counted them out at the beginning of the season. And on a side note, my buddy Joe loves football betting and made a killing on the Saints this season. Who Dat!

As much as I want to believe that the 2010 Royals can do the impossible, there are simply too many harsh realities for this team to face. On paper, they stink. And even with the best case scenario for the 2010 Royals, the outlook is rather bleak.

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Norton said...

I tend to agree, and its unfortunate that no one really wants to sign there either, as far as a marquee free agent. If they could get one more solid number 2 and a legit cog in the lineup they could be atleast palatable for the fans.