Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eight Costly Decisions This Winter

In no particular order:

1. Jarrod Washburn turns down 1 year/$5 million dollar offer from the Twins

-Given how many starting pitchers are on the market right now and how poorly Washburn ended the 2009 season, why in the world did he turn this down?

2. Russell Branyan turns down 1 year deal from the Mariners

-Branyan wanted a multi year contract and some long term security, but concerns about his back have shied teams away and he remains on the market. Branyan will probably wind up with a one year deal, but I imagine that the base salary will be less than what the Mariners initially offered.

3. Adam LaRoche turns down 2 year/$17 million dollar offer from the Giants

-Sure, this offer was not the 3 year/$31 million dollar deal LaRoche wanted, but this was the best offer LaRoche received. However, LaRoche opted to sign a one year deal with the Diamondbacks because he felt uncomfortable playing in the Giants' spacious ballpark.

4. Jose Valverde declines the Astros' arbitration offer

-A baffling move based on emotion that probably will cost Valverde millions this winter.

5. Johnny Damon turns down the Yankees' 2 year/$14 million dollar offer

-Damon clearly overestimated his value on the market and by rejecting this offer, Damon might have turned down his best chance at a multi year deal.

6. Adrian Beltre declines the Mariners' arbitration offer

-Beltre declined the Mariners' offer, which would have been around $12 million, in the hopes of landing a multi year contract. However, the multi year deal never came and Beltre signed a 1 year/$7 million dollar contract with the Red Sox. Economically, it was a costly move, but from a baseball perspective, Beltre should flourish.

7. Bengie Molina turns down the Mets 1 year offer w/player option; signs a 1 year/$4.5 million dollar deal with the Giants instead.

-More on this deal later today, but like so many others, I'm dumbfounded by this deal.

8. Yorvit Torrealba comes thisclose to signing a 2 year/$6 million dollar contract with the Rockies; remains unsigned

-Torrealba might be able to land a contract similar to this on the open market (still), but with options dwindling, I imagine that he will be stuck taking a one year deal with a low base salary.

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