Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Mets and Bengie Molina Just Cannot Come to Terms

From ESPN's Buster Olney:
Heard this: Bengie Molina has turned down the Mets' most recent offer, and the Mets are beginning to focus on Joel Pineiro...
I find it hard to believe that Molina is playing hardball with the Mets at this point. There are very few teams out there looking for a starting catcher at this point and even fewer that are willing to pay $6 million annually over two seasons.
Outside of the Mets and maybe the Mariners, what other teams need a starting catcher? The Mets offer, either a two year deal or a one year deal with an option, would seem to be the best offer Molina will see this winter.

It must be difficult for Molina to only get one year guaranteed when far inferior catchers like Jason Kendall, Ivan Rodriguez, and Brian Schneider all landed two years earlier this winter. Who knows? Maybe Molina really doesn't want to play for the Mets, but right now, it doesn't look like he has too many other/better options.

The Mets are still in a position of strength when it comes to catchers. Besides the four they currently have on the roster, the Mets can opt to go after free agent catchers Rod Barajas or Yorvit Torrealba, both of whom should command far less than what Molina is looking for.

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