Thursday, September 4, 2008

How bout 'dem Astros?

The Astros are lost. Even for a team that has won 8 games in a row, the Astros are completely lost. A total lost cause. I know that right now isn't the optimal time to say this, but winning these meaningless games in September in actually hurting the Astros. You see, the main problem with the Astros is that they have no quality minor league talent to think of. Astros management has either refused to sign top draft picks or traded away top prospects, which has left the Astros in dire need of some youth. So even when the Astros win, they lose. They went from a .500 team to 8 games over .500, but they still remain 11 games out of the division and 6.5 behind the wild card lead.

So please Astros, future success is only a bunch of losses away. I know advocating for losses is looked down upon is the sports world, but c'mon, this is common sense. Whats good for the organization is to go on a different kind of streak: a losing streak.

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