Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brett Myers' Value Takes Another Hit

Heading into the postseason I thought Brett Myers had a wonderful opportunity to make himself some money. Myers, who is a free agent this offseason, missed lots of time this season because of hip surgery. The playoffs seemed to be a great way for Myers to showcase himself for teams, albeit from the bullpen. The Phillies could not depend on Brad Lidge to close out games and if the Phillies needed a closer, then maybe, just maybe, they would turn to Myers.

However, it doesn't look like Myers will ever get that opportunity. Brad Lidge seems to have found a little bit of his former self in Colorado and with the return of Chan Ho Park, the Phillies elected to keep Myers off the playoff roster:
"Brett Myers said tonight that the Phillies have told him he is not on the NLCS roster.

"I'm (ticked)," he said."
From a financial standpoint, keeping him off the playoff roster is a devastating move for Myers because it prevents Myers from showing teams that he's healthy and productive. If Myers was somehow able to put together a dynamite postseason, then he could have been in line for a multi year contract. However, with the way things stand, it wouldn't surprise me if Myers was forced to settle for a one year pact and test the free agent market again after the 2010 season.

Once Myers does hit the open market this offseason, it'll be fascinating to see if he labels himself as a closer or as a starter. The market for closers is deep in quantity, but not quality, while Myers has not been an effective starting pitcher since 2006. This will be an interesting decision for Myers moving forward...


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