Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crazy Retro Scott Boras Quote of the Day

*Scott Boras is baseball's most successful and well known agent. Boras is a mix of crazy with a whole lot of genius. He's the master salesman for his clients, but even the great Boras goes overboard every once and awhile. The following is an example of Boras going wayyyyyyyyyy overboard*

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On client Alex Rodriguez's postseason failures:
On ESPN's "First Take" show yesterday, Boras made the mistake of trying to defend A-Rod's failures in the postseason as some sort of twisted media perspective that needed correcting.

He even blamed Mariano Rivera as a cause for A-Rod's problems, which may be the height of desperation.

The question posed to Boras was why Rodriguez's regular-season numbers haven't translated to postseason success.

"That's a characterization that, when you look at the data, is frankly inaccurate," Boras said. "If you look at Alex's first season in New York, I believe he was 7-for-16 with two home runs and five RBIs going into Game 4 in Boston.

"The brilliant Mariano Rivera, probably the only flaw he's made in a historic career over the postseason, if he got those three outs (in the ninth inning of Game 4), Alex would have been in the World Series and he would have been held to have a great postseason. "When you look at his records with Seattle - and even this year - you're talking about a player whose postseason records are really up there with many of the superstars of the game."


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