Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hypothetically Speaking: Would You Trade Milton Bradley for Derek Lowe (and cash!)?

As we all know by now:

-The Braves need a big bat to compliment Brian McCann and Chipper Jones in the lineup. They have a surplus of starting pitchers to part with because of the emergence of Tommy Hanson and would love to get rid of Derek Lowe and the $45 million owed to him over the next three years. Many have said Lowe's contract is untradeable.

-The Cubs want to get rid of the headcase that is Milton Bradley. Oh yeah, the Cubs still owe Bradley $21 million over the next two years. Both sides need a new beginning and moving Bradley elsewhere would be a great start. Many have said Lowe is untradeable because of his attitude.

With those needs in mind, let's make a deal.

Here is the (hypothetical) offer on the table:

Braves trade SP Derek Lowe (and cash) to the Chicago Cubs for OF Milton Bradley

Why the Cubs would do it:
-get rid of Milton Bradley!
-acquire a battle tested starting pitcher with playoff experience
-Teams could do a lot worse than Derek Lowe at the back end of the rotation
-If the Braves eat between $6-$9 million of Lowe's contract over the next three years, Lowe's salary becomes more reasonable for the Cubs.

Why the Braves would do it:
-get out from under the 3 years/$45 million owed to Derek Lowe
-acquire an impact bat to solidify lineup
-save money in the long run
-less commitment: Bradley is only signed through 2011, while Lowe is signed through 2012

Why the Cubs wouldn't do it:
-Derek Lowe could be on the decline
-Do they really want to be locked into a 36 year old Derek Lowe for $12+ million annually through 2012?
-Decrease payroll flexibility
-How much payroll can the Cubs take on this offseason?

Why the Braves wouldn't do it:
-Milton Bradley is crazy
-Milton Bradley is injury prone
-Would you want Milton Bradley on your team?
-Derek Lowe still has potential for a solid 2010 and beyond (right?)


Even though the idea of Lowe for Bradley might make sense to some (like me), I doubt that the Braves would be willing to take on Milton Bradley even though they'd be saving money in the long term and adding a potent bat to their lineup.


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Mr.Only4TheReal said...

Nope, don't dump Lowe on us. Bradley is bad, but I think people have counted him out so much he could actually surprise and have a strong 2010 Season. No to Lowe because isn't he pushing 40 before the end of his deal? We got enough talent on the pitching side so unless we can get at least a formidable outfielder hold on to Milton for as long as possible....

Michael said...

I would trade Milton Bradley for a half eaten sandwich.