Monday, November 16, 2009

Gary Matthews Jr. and Doing the "Right Thing"

This tweet comes from ESPN's Chris Singleton makes me a little nauseous:
"Gary Matthews Jr. wants out of LA bad. He's hoping the Angels will do the right thing."
Now what exactly is the right thing for the Angels to do in this situation? The market for Gary Matthews Jr sucks, no one wants to take on the $23 million owed to Matthews, and the Angels might have a need for Matthews Jr. this season if the team does not re-sign Vladimir Guerrero.

Should the Angels explore a deal for Matthews? Sure. It would probably be beneficial for them to get rid of Gary Matthews Jr given how poorly he has played during his tenure with the Angels. But should the Angels make a move just for the sake of making a move? Absolutely not. It will be a challenge for the Angels to find a taker for Matthews Jr, who at this stage in his career is not an asset at the plate and is even more of a liability in the field.

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