Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Team is Trading For Akinori Iwamura?

It looks like the Rays are on the verge of trading Akinori Iwamura, but no one seems to know the other team involved:
"Just got back to New York and heard from an industry source who's not with the Rays that they are on the verge of completing a trade of 2B Akinori Iwamura.

The Rays were looking to do some kind of deal since they weren't planning to pick up the $4.85-million option to bring him back. What's interesting is that the source indicated the deal wasn't with the Cubs or the Dodgers as has been speculated on but to an unexpected team. Hmmm."
If I was a betting man, I'd place these three teams at the top of my list for Iwamura:

1. Twins: he's a low cost option at 2B, who is only signed through 2010, and would be a great fit at the top of the lineup. Also, the Twins outrighted Brian Buscher today, so we'll find out if there is a correlation between these two moves.

2. Mariners: Iwamura would be a nice versatile option for the Mariners as he can play 2B and 3B. If the Mariners choose not to re-sign Adrian Beltre, Iwamura could play 3B.

3. Tigers: With the health of Scott Sizemore somewhat up in the air, Iwamura could be a back up plan should the Tigers not feel comfortable with Sizemore at 2B. Also, if Brandon Inge struggles at third, Iwamura could see time there as well.

Where do you think Iwamura will be traded?

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1 comment:

Ron Rollins said...

Kansas City. They're wanting to get Callaspo off of 2B.

Which means Tehan, Gordon, Jacobs or Guillen will be going to Tampa.

KNOwing how Moore does things, I'm betting Gordon. Even though that doesn't make sense for Tampa. So maybe Teahan.