Monday, February 23, 2009

Anyone Remember This?

I sure do.

1999 NLCS. Mets v. Braves. What a series it was! Still breaks my heart do this day. Damn you, Kenny Rogers!

I was nine years old at the time and had not a care in the world outside of baseball. Little did I know that my family and I were sitting in front of one of the most epic signs ever created. Vulgar, insulting, yet hilarious at the same time. Boy am I glad this one was pulled from the ole' Shea Stadium family achieves!

RIP Shea Stadium.

Anyone else psyched for baseball? Just looking at this picture is getting me excited to see the Mets play the Braves and Phillies this season.

(h/t Bruce Levitt)


Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Shea =) the only thing I can think of that ever happened at Shea [ that had any kind of significance] was the Beatles! Am I right or am I right?

I'm excited for baseball to start, I'm excited to see the NEW & IMPROVED stadiums for both teams; however, I really think they are extremely unnecessary. There is absolutely nothing is wrong with the older stadiums; if anything, they are more nostalgic and have more meaning then any new stadium ever could [ for now, anyway.] They should have just fixed up the stadiums if they wanted a "change."

Why build stadiums, when public schools within walking distance of both stadiums barely have a budget [ we're paying ball players millions upon billions of dollars while our educators have the bare minimum to educate America's future- HOW SAD IS THAT?]

These schools do not have enough textbooks for each child and some children don't even have enough money for school supplies & now they're making a NEW stadium (they don't even need one!)

The surrounding areas of both stadiums [ for lack of a better word] suck. The South Bronx isn't the nicest area in the world - far from it- as is Shea/Citi fields Flushing, Queens.

The tax payers will ULTIMATELY feel the pain from these new stadiums.. I don't care what anyone says about it!

The days of just catching a game with a few friends for a couple of cheap bleacher seats will be a thing of the past.. unless you're willing to shell out a ton of money for stadiums that have few seats @ a higher price [ Did anyone notice the current state of our economy?]


Jorge Says No! said...

But the great part about the stadiums is all the revenue they will bring into NY. Sure right now it won't look good to have two luxury stadium being opened during a recession, but these are long term investments that will greatly help New York as a whole.

thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...


Although you make a valid point, think about the words you used to make your point. You mentioned the word revenue and recession. The two don't exactly go together, do they? They're two words that are only used together when said in opposition.

New york state alone has about a 7.2% unemployment rate. That's a ton of people. Granted, people who go to NYY and NYM games aren't always native New Yorkers, but now-a-days, who has the money to travel? Especially to a ball game.

For the people that still have their jobs, do you think they're going to go to a ball game? Perhaps, maybe to break away from the daily grind, but do you think it'll be on a daily basis? Probably not. Also, say some fans are season ticket holders ( or fans who just decide to go to a game) do you REALLY think people are going to be spending $5 bucks for a water or food? If people are hungry enough, sure, but the revenue will go down tremendously! TREMENDOUSLY, Josh! Fan's will eat before the game and find ways to deal with their hunger/thirst needs without paying upwards of $5 for a beverage.

One of the best views is from one's own living room; I think the fans will eventually catch on.

RECESSION = Less people will visit the stadium and buy miscellaneous items