Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Say Yes, Manny!

Are we finally going to see some movement on the Manny market?

Well, today the Dodgers offered Ramirez a 1 year/$25 million dollar contract. Earlier in the off season, the Dodgers offered Ramirez a 2 year/$45 million dollar contract, but Ramirez has yet to accept the deal because he wants a lucrative long term deal. It remains to be seen if Ramirez will accept the contract, but I think Manny needs to accept this contract for various reasons.

1. The market
-To be quite frank with you, the market for Manny sucks. As I wrote earlier, the market for Manny has not developed and there appears to be no other serious suitor outside of the Dodgers. I'm not sure how much longer Manny wants to wait for the Mets or Giants to get their act together, but if they haven't by now, then they probably won't in a week or so.

If the Dodgers suddenly get sick of waiting and pull out of the Ramirez sweepstakes, that would further damage the Manny market and limit where he could wind up. Not likely to happen I know, but it's something to consider especially with Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu still unsigned.

Plus, the Yankees are not going to be involved, which means that Manny is very unlikely to receive a large, ludicrous contract.

2. 2010
-One of the best perks of this deal from Ramirez's perspective is that he would be a free agent again next season. Who knows? At this time next year, the market might rebound (let's hope!) and a number of teams might develop interest in Ramirez. There is always the chance that Ramirez can get another big contract, even at age 37.

3. The Red Sox
-Even though Ramirez has no chance of returning to Boston, his Boston ties will probably play some role in whether he accepts this proposal or not. Remember, Manny was adamant that the Sox not pick up his two options after this season, which would have guaranteed him another $40 million over two years.

Even though Ramirez would not come close to the $40 million, he could save face knowing that he will make more per year in 2009 with the Dodgers than he would have with the Red Sox. Not to mention that Ramirez would become one of the highest paid players in baseball.
Petty I know, but ya never know with Manny.

4. Image
-The great thing about LA is that there are marketing opportunities galore. Manny re energized the Dodgers in 2008 and if he returns to the Dodgers, he would probably make millions more on endorsements alone. This town loves Ramirez and would be a buzz if Manny were to return in 2009. I'd imagine that Manny's face would be all over the town, which I'm sure is very very appealing to Manny and his brand.

For the Dodgers, this deal makes sense a couple different levels. Even though the thought of $25 million bucks is absurd in this economy, signing Ramirez is a must for the team if they are serious about competing in 2009. And I like the idea of a one year deal because it mitigates the amount of risk the team would take on and should provide ample motivation for Ramirez to put up HUGE numbers with the Dodgers in 2009.

I am still a bit skeptical about having Manny playing left field 150 times for the Dodgers in 2009, but I guess that's the price they'd pay to have one of the game's best hitters.

On second thought, why are the Dodgers offering up $25 million? Couldn't they have gone lower from their original 2 year/$45 million dollar offer? Are they concerned about another team entering the bidding? As I see it, the Dodgers seem to be the only team that is serious about making a push for Ramirez...

And in all seriousness Manny, just get this thing over with...I'm not sure how many more Manny marches I can take...quite the tease.

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