Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Rhythmic Styles of Razor Shines

And the blog description has finally spoken.

Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, the rhythmic styles of Razor Shines courtesy of the NY Times.

"Watching Shines interact is like a seeing a game of verbal pepper. Don’t let me down now, David. That’s what I’m talking about, Carlos. Good Lord have mercy, José. He is continually talking, constantly moving. He jogs from station to station, bumping fists and slapping fives. Security guards get them,too.

“When I was with Seattle, I would call Razor whenever I wanted to feel good about myself,” said outfielder Jeremy Reed, who played for Shines in 2003, for a White Sox Class A affiliate. “Now that we’re together again, I never have to worry about getting down on myself. He won’t let me.”

Shines, 52, is the Mets’ version of a corner man, albeit one with more than three decades of professional experience and a mind as sharp as his name. About that name, Razor. He has had it since July 18, 1956, his birth date. He was born Anthony Razor Shines, the third generation of Shines men to have Razor as a middle name. He says he does not know the origin, he just observes the tradition, having passed it along to his son, Devon.

“If I hear Anthony, I look around because someone sure knows a lot about me,” Shines said. “Razor gets more attention. As a baseball player, I like attention. I like it out there. Put it on me. Pile it on.

Classic stuff there. There are four generations of Razor Shines? That's too good to be true!

Too bad Razor never made it big in the majors...I'm sure the good folks over at Gillette would have been all over Razor for endorsements!

On the baseball side of things, just keep the boys upbeat and smiling Razor...Lord knows you'll be keeping me smiling with that awesome name. And have no fear Razor, you will get plenty of attention all season long from Jorge Says No!

(Note: In a few weeks I will be heading down to Florida for a few days of spring training. My first, and only goal: picture with Razor Shines)


Jason @ IIATMS said...

Josh, if you get that pic, that'd be AWESOME. when are you going?

Andrew Vazzano said...


I want daily reports!