Monday, June 29, 2009

Economic Crisis? Not In Minor League Baseball

Despite the crumbling economy, minor league baseball continues to be a strong seller:

"Recession! What recession?

Economic downturn? Or an opportunity?

Contrary to conventional thinking, these difficult economic times in which we are currently residing have not adversely affected area minor league baseball franchises. General managers from Reading, Harrisburg and Lancaster recently reported that attendance at home games have pretty much toed the line, or in some cases even increased."

How is this possible without the names, glitz & glamor of major league baseball?

The answer is simple. Minor League baseball is very affordable for families, many of which cannot afford the grandiose prices of major league baseball.

“What’s happened is that we’re way ahead in daily gates, families coming out to the game,” said Scott Hunsicker, Reading’s GM. “People are turning to us in this economy. Affordable family entertainment, free parking, affordable food. Affordable entertainment is good in a booming economy, and it’s good in a down economy.”

“We’re in a unique situation in that we’ve had some growth,” said Harrisburg general manager Randy Whitaker. “I really think minor league baseball is positioned well for the current economic climate. It’s affordable family fun. People still want to be entertained. They’re not going to go fall in a hole somewhere.”

So think about it this way, would you rather spend $400 for a family of four to watch the Yankees at the New Yankee Stadium or would you rather pay $40 for a family of four to watch the Newark Bears?

For my money, I'd go to Newark.

Would you?

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