Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For the Love of Armando Benitez!

When I purchased tickets to the 2009 Atlantic League all star game a month back, I figured I would be treated to watching former MLBers Carl Everett, Preston Wilson, Keith Foulke and more continue to try and resurrect their respective careers.

However, when the rosters were finally announced, there was only ONE name on both rosters that I recognized.

Armando Benitez.

Yes, the former Mets closer, who ruined a good portion of my baseball watching childhood (ask any Met fan!), somehow made the Atlantic League all star team even though his ERA is 5.94.

How is that possible?

A better question is probably who cares? I'm probably the only one in the United States questioning Armando Benitez's legitimacy in the Atlantic League all-star game so you can tell how great Armando's impact was on my life.

With that said, I'm hoping to see Armando pitch tonight just for the sake of name recognition and for an added bonus, let's hope Armando gets lit up.

***** *****
Perhaps the best part of the Atlantic League All Star game is that there will be a celebrity softball game before the actual All-Star game.

You read that right, folks: a celebrity softball game. Who knew that could happen in the Atlantic League?

For a pop culture buff like myself, the list of celebrities attending the game is brilliantly random. Here are some of my favorites:

Queen Latifah
Funkmaster Flex
Ozzie Smith
Justin Tuck
Thomas Jones
Randy Foye
Allan Houston


Fantastic. This weird and wacky group should make the softball game somewhat watchable and hopefully entertaining.

Pictures and commentary likely tomorrow.

(photo: Paul's Random Stuff)


Bill said...

Esteban Yan had a pretty long and unproductive career as a reliever, and Nate Bump is a former first-round pick who got a few years in with Florida.
But, yeah, it's kind of shocking that they didn't try to spice it up with some more names people recognize (even if they suck -- can't be that much worse than Benitez, can they?).

Bill said...

Also, they've gone the sons-of-major-leaguers route, with Jeff Magrane (son of former Cardinal and current MLB analyst Joe) and Jeffrey Graig Nettles.

OK, back to work. :)

Jorge Says No! said...

Just got back from the game...not surprisingly, Esteban Yan got hit very, very hard.

And in other news, Armando Benitez blew the save.

Just like old times!