Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning Photo: Matt Wieters Meets A Shaving Cream Pie

Yes, Matt Wieters, soon to be the face of the Baltimore Orioles, hit his first home run last night. His reward? A pie in the face from Adam Jones. Fitting.

Who started this pie in the face trend? It seems as though every time something good happens in baseball, a pie in the face is soon to follow.

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Andrew Vazzano said...

What you may have missed is that whomever was pieing Wieters in the face, slammed into Aubrey Huff while he was being interviewed for SNY.

And I mean slammed.

Huff had to stop the interview and remained hunched over for 15 seconds in considerable pain.

He eventually finished the interview and ended with "I'm gonna go ice my back."