Monday, June 29, 2009

The Mets Are Stuck

After getting swept by the Yankees in very ugly fashion, I'm sure nearly every Met fan out there is clamoring for Omar Minaya to make a trade. The lifeless Mets offense has been decimated because of injuries to Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, and Carlos Beltran. It's clear that the Mets need at least one big bat if they want to stay competitive in the putrid NL East in the upcoming weeks.

As fans, we can all yell and scream for Omar Minaya to make a move because we want what's best for the team right now. But as a GM, Minaya has to think about the Mets future, even if that's the unpopular decision.

Because as we look at the Mets right now, there is no doubt in my mind that Minaya and the Mets are stuck. Teams know just how badly the Mets have been hit with injuries and they understand that Omar Minaya is probably desperate to get another big bat ASAP. Therefore, the price tag on the Aubrey Huffs and Adam Dunns of the world is much higher than Minaya and the Mets are comfortable paying.

Consider this: is it worth mortgaging 2010 and beyond for a year and a half of Adam Dunn? Of course not. Even with Dunn on board, there is no guarantee that the Mets ship can be turned around because their offense has been so ravaged by injuries.

The biggest problem for Minaya is that now is the time where the Mets are desperate offense. Sure, in three to five weeks the price tag on some of these guys might come back down to Earth, but will the Mets still be in contention by then? Very debatable.

The Mets have to be thinking about just surviving the next few weeks until Reyes and Beltran (hopefully) return. But for now, the Mets are stuck with what they got unless an impact bat suddenly falls into their lap.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

They're 2.5 back, and no one else wants the division. Just hold on.

Jorge Says No! said...

The next two weeks are brutal...the Mets will have a VERY TOUGH time simply hanging on.

Alan said...

We have a first baseman for you...and it's not who you think:

Jorge Says No! said...

Is he (Salazar) an upgrade over Daniel Murphy?