Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Coco Crisp: Will the Royals Pick Up his Option?

Despite missing a good chunk of the season with shoulder issues, Coco Crisp would like the Royals to pick up his $8 million dollar option for next season:

There's no guarantee that Crisp will return for a second season with the Royals. The club holds an $8 million option for 2010 with a $500,000 buyout.

"I have no control over that," Crisp said. "If it was my option, well then I'd probably exercise it and stay here. But it's not. Most of the big names, like Manny [Ramirez] and so forth, because they have proven themselves over the years -- Hall of Fame caliber -- have that. But I don't have that luxury."

The reality is that the Royals should not be investing $8 million bucks in a injured centerfielder, when they have no chance of competing in 2010. There is no way the Royals should pick up his option, especially after Crisp endured such a injury plagued season.

But with Dayton Moore at the helm, how can any Royals fan be confident that the right decision will be made?

As much as I want to believe that the Royals will make the logical choice and decline the option, in a sad way it would not shock me to see them pick up Coco's option.

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