Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Great Fence of Jeter

Derek Jeter has to keep the throngs of screaming, young girls donning his #2 Yankee jersey away somehow.

His a HUGE mansion! And surround it with a fence!
"Yankees Superstar Derek Jeter wants some privacy. He’s building a multi-million dollar mansion on Davis Islands but he needs special permission for his fence. Tuesday night the Variance Review Board gave him the thumbs up to build it.

Jeter’s new mega mansion takes up three waterfront lots and, when it’s finished, may be the largest home in the county. It’s 31-thousand square feet, with seven bedrooms, and nine bathrooms -- Exactly what you might expect from a baseball superstar making more than $21-million a year.

Jeter’s attorneys argue that a celebrity of his caliber needs extra security and protection. That’s why he wants to build a six foot privacy fence made of wrought iron and concrete around his home. The current city ordinance only allows for a three foot wall."
Too bad. Professional athletes are not people and should not have lives. At all times they should be pestered by fans and paparazzi alike, all of whom shutter for a mere glimpse of their hero. (Sarcasm, much?)

In short, good for Jeter. Maybe him and Manny Ramirez can play golf together there in the offseason.

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