Monday, August 10, 2009

Jeff Francoeur is Realistically Hopeless

Ya Gotta Believe, right? Not if your Jeff Francoeur and your playing for the pathetic Mets:

Francoeur is a realist. As a result, he's also clean-shaven again.

Several Mets players recently had resolved not to shave until the team reached .500, but Francoeur (left) decided to abandon the bonding exercise and go back to using a razor after Thursday night’s series-opening loss. While Francoeur isn't writing off the season, he can plainly see that the Mets are seven games under .500 and aren’t exactly distinguishing themselves with their play. So, he concluded, why keep a beard?

"I might have had it until October," Francoeur candidly said.
I guess when your playing as badly as the Mets have been playing, it's okay to shave.

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