Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So That's How The Giants Pay For Barry Zito

Buying beer at a Giants game is sure to leave a whole in the wallet:

That $8.75 you pay for a 20-ounce beer is more than any other team in baseball
in America charges -- by a full 75 cents. The stadium serving the second most-expensive beer is the Tampa Bay Rays' Tropicana Field, charging "just" $8 for a 20-ounce beer. But that's a franchise that has to overcharge for beer, because they can't get anyone to pay admission and come to their games.
But don't feel too bad, Giants fans. The worst beer value in baseball comes from the Boston Red Sox.

While AT&T Park topped the most-expensive list, it is actually a far worse rip-off to buy beer at Boston's Fenway Park. Fenway Park came in third with a $7.25 beer -- but that $7.25 only buys you a 12-ounce beer. That's almost half as tiny as the beers you can get at a Giants game, and the same amount of beer you'd get in one measly can from a standard American six-pack.
Talk about charging an arm an a leg for beer. Jesus. Can't there be some kind of legislation so that beer prices don't rise so astronomically at ballparks? I'm sure 95% of baseball fans would be in favor of this.

Then again, cheaper prices would probably lead to a rise in public drunkenness, which is something that MLB and most of society does not want to deal with.

So maybe the high prices are actually a good thing?


Anonymous said...

No way! Toronto's Beer prices are INSANE!

Jorge Says No! said...

How bad is it?