Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carlos Zambrano Hypothetical Trade #2 (stupid, no?)

So after scouring Cot's Baseball Contracts, we have come up with a number of hypothetical trades for the Cubs and Zambrano this offseason that might, or might not, make sense.

Cubs acquire: Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo, Prospects

Mets acquire: Carlos Zambrano, Aaron Miles

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Why this makes sense for the Cubs

-Castillo and Perez are only signed through 2011, which will save the Cubs money in the long run

-Castillo put up great numbers this season with the Mets with a .310 batting average and a .400 OBP. He would solve the Cubs' 2B nicely and give the Cubs immediate production at the top of the order.

-Perez was miserable this season, but he still has tons of potential. Yes Perez is a headcase, but when he's on (in the past), he's been one of the better pitchers in the National League

-The Cubs don't have to pay a dime for the Mets to take Zambrano off their hands

-Get rid of Carlos Zambrano and his antics!

Why this makes sense for the Mets

-acquiring a pitcher of Zambrano's stature and age would be a major coup for the Mets, who have failed to find a solid #2 starter to compliment Johan Santana

-Get rid of Luis Castillo!

-Get rid of Oliver Perez!

Why this makes no sense for the Cubs

-Who in their right mind would pick up Oliver Perez right now?

-Luis Castillo...two years, $12 million? Pleaaaasse. That's too much!

Why this makes no sense for the Mets

-Can they afford to pick up Zambrano's salary including the money owed?

-What kind of prospects would the Cubs be looking for in this deal?

Bottom Line: Pipe dream, I know. I'd love to see Big Z on the Mets, but this deal just involves too much risk for the Cubs.

And honestly, this trade on paper just looks dumb. Back to the drawing board!

Coming up: Hypothetical Carlos Zambrano trade #3

Does this trade make any sense? Thoughts?

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Zach Sanders said...

Of the three you've put up, this one makes the most sense. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

Good luck getting the Cubs to take Castillo's contract, though.

Jorge Says No! said...

You really think the Cubs would take Oliver Perez?

Zach Sanders said...

They shouldn't, but I think they may see his potential and bite on it.