Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Agent Adjustments: Jim Thome

(For the last few weeks, I've been profiling some of the best free agents on the market this winter. At the end of each piece, I made a prediction regarding the type of contract the player could be in line to see. Obviously, these predictions have to be fluid because the season is still in progress. So which players have seen thier value change over the past few weeks? Let's take a look...starting with Jim Thome )

Initial Prediction: (1 year/$8.5 million)

When I posted my original piece about Thome on August 13th, Jim Thome had 21 home runs and seemed well on his way to hitting 30+ home runs and driving in at least 90 runs.

******** *********

New Prediction: (1 year/$6 million)

What Changed: On August 31st, Thome was traded from the White Sox to the Dodgers, who were in need of some pop of the bench. The trade to the Dodgers gave Thome a great shot at winning a title, but as a result, he hasn't come close to hitting 30-35 home runs. His stats currently sit at 24-77-.248-.367, which are nice, but worthy of $8.5 million next season? I don't think so.


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