Monday, August 11, 2008

Dunn the D-Back!

How many times can we honestly say that acquiring a .233 hitter is a big move? Well, this one definitely qualifies. Literally and figuratively. Dunn is a huge dude at 6'6 and he carries a big stick (not nearly as big as Teddy's). Dunn has hit 32 homers this season to go along with his .373 OBP and the aforementioned .232 batting average, which makes him one of the oddest players in baseball. On one hand, you can almost guarantee he will give you 40 HR, 100 RBI and 100 walks, but on the other hand he hits around .245 and strikes out more than Steve Urkel did in high school (170+ strikeouts to be exact).

With that said, I like this deal for the D-Backs. They have played mediocre baseball despite having Haren and Webb and they have lost two vital cogs in their offense and defense in Orlando Hudson and Eric Byrnes. Dunn instantly gives that lineup a veteran presence who can get on base consistently and hit for tons of power. The team only has a collective .323 OBP with a modest 113 HRs. Dunn should be able to help in both categories while filling the void left by Byrnes and Hudson while sliding right in between Conor Jackson and Mark Reynolds to give the D-Backs a deep powerful lineup.

However, the negative of this deal is that the D-Backs only have a team batting average of .251 and Dunn will only make that go down. Also, the deal weakens the D-Backs defensively as they will now presumably have Dunn and Conor Jackson in the outfield with Chad Tracy manning first base. Second base: who knows? Will it be Reynolds? Where in the world is Emilio Bonifacio nowadays?

The deal should help the D-Backs to the playoffs or at least a competitive couple of weeks with the Dodgers. I don't think the D-Backs will make a run at Dunn in the off season, but for right now, he gives that offense some much needed juice. The Reds finally got rid of Dunn, but we can't say much about their haul because they got Dallas Buck and 2 PLAYERS TO BE NAMED LATER. Who the hell gets 2? I've heard of one, but c'mon Reds, get specific here!

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