Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

The Washington Nationals continue to boggle my mind. Only a few days after Jorge Says No! profiled them in My Struggling Organization, the Nationals have yet again screwed up. They failed to sign their #1 selection in this year's draft, RHP Aaron Crow, because of money. According to Nationals Journal, the Nationals offered $3.5 million while Crow's agents wanted $4 million.

Hmmm, Nationals organization, you guys have virtually no talent on your roster or in the farm and your gonna haggle over 500 grand? C'mon....Whether this was about a miscommunication, a lack of communication, or hostile negotiations; this was a deal the Nationals needed to get done. And they didn't. The Nationals have not brought any marquee talent into Washington D.C and the draft is really their main opportunity to do so.

To me, Crow was the best pitcher in the draft and was a guy who could have helped the Nats out in a few seasons. Nationals fans, I feel for you. Hopefully better days are to come. But right now, they are the worst organization in baseball.

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