Friday, August 22, 2008

Jorge Toca All Stars...Featuring 1B/OF Jeff Bailey

Outside of the good people in Boston, Massachusetts, how many of us can honestly say we have heard of Jeff Bailey? I'm going to guess that there aren't many of us. Bailey fits the Jorge Toca profile perfectly: a power hitter who cannot buy an opportunity in the majors. Bailey, 30, has been in AAA for the past 4 seasons and has hit at least 15 HR in each of the past three seasons. Bailey's 2008 campaign has been his best yet as he has already posted 25 HR, 75 RBI and a .405 OBP.
So why can't Bailey get his shot (to play consistently) in the majors? The answer to that question is actually quite simple: there is no room for him on the Red Sox roster. Where would they put him? Even with injuries the Sox have a full outfield and some great corner infielders (Youk and Lowell) as well as a great backup 1B in Sean Casey. Furthermore, do you really think the Sox would throw a 30 year old journeyman into a pennant race? I don't think so.

Here at Jorge Says No! we love the underdog. And Jeff Bailey, you sir are an underdog. For all of the stars in major league baseball, there are tons of Jeff Baileys out there who never get that shot. Here's to hoping that the lingering injury to JD Drew will give you a shot. Good luck to you sir!
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