Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can Carl Pavano Become Relevant Again?

Back in 2004, the New York Yankees signed Carl Pavano to a 4 year/$40 million dollar contract. The Yankees, who outbid the rival Boston Red Sox for Pavano's services, believed that they had just signed a budding star and potential ace.

Fast forward to 2009 and it is safe to say that Carl Pavano did not exactly work out with the Yankees. Between shoulder injuries, a "buttocks injury", a car crash, and Tommy John Surgery, Pavano's injury with the Yankees can be described as a nightmare. In four years, Carl Pavano went from being the most coveted free agent to laughingstock.

Now comes the interesting part: can Pavano become relevant again and revive his fading career? Maybe.

For starters, signing with the Indians is a good move for Pavano. He will have the opportunity to win a spot in the rotation immediately and be given a chance to perform. The Indians on paper look pretty strong this season, which could help Pavano even more.

And most importantly, Cleveland is not New York. Pavano needed to go someplace where the pressure and expectations were not as outrageous as in New York and Cleveland is a perfect place.

Pavano has been labeled as injury prone throughout his career, but only with the Yankees was his work ethic put into question. If Pavano can put it together in 2009 and have a nice season with the Indians, Pavano could actually make himself a good amount of money in 2010, as funny as it sounds. Pavano is only 33 years old, but how much he has left in his arm and body is anyone's question.

If Carl Pavano makes a Flavor Flave esque comeback and all of a sudden rockets into super stardom, I will be absolutely amazed. But the idea that Pavano cannot make a Bret Michaels esque comeback-a shell of his former self, but still somewhat good- should not be ruled out.

And yes I do watch too much VH1.

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