Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just Move On, Yankees

The New York Times has reported that Andy Pettitte has rejected the Yankees 1 year/$10 million offer. Apparently $10 million is not enough for Pettitte, who is looking for a contract closer to the $16 million he earned in 2008.

Fine. If Pettitte really believes that he is worth $13-$14 million in this market, let him and move on. If the Yankees are willing to spend $10-$15 million on another starting pitcher, then they should go after Derek Lowe or Oliver Perez, both of whom are better pitchers right now than Pettitte. If the Yankees continue to be patient and open up their massive check book, there should be no reason why the Yankees do not compete for either guy.

Andy Pettitte brings the Yankees and their fans some sort of consistency and reliability. Pettitte has been around forever and is a lock to give the Yankees around 200 innings. However, the facts cannot be ignored, Pettitte is rapidly declining and no longer resembles the consistent ace that Yankee fans have grown to love.

If the Yankees want to spend tons of money on a rapidly declining fifth starter, then by all means go for it. The Yankees have more money than they know what to do with and if re-signing Pettitte is that important, than go for it. But if the Yankees want to win in 2009, their best bet is to let Pettitte go and move on.

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