Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pirates Fans Rejoice!

The Kevin McClatchy era (error) is officially over for good!
"Former Pirates managing general partner Kevin McClatchy has sold his remaining shares in the team, ending a 13-year relationship that began with the newspaper heir ensuring that the club remained in Pittsburgh."
Under McClathy's watch, the Pirates turned into the laughingstock of the National League. McClatchy refused to spend the money necessary to put a competitive team on the field as the Pirates stumbled to thirteen consecutive losing seasons under McClatchy's watch.

Seriously how can a team compete when it trades away its best players only to sign scrubs like Derek Bell and Joe Randa?

It would be unfair to talk about McClatchy without talking about his crown jewel, PNC Park. There is no doubt that PNC Park is one of the best looking stadiums in baseball and McClatchy deserves credit for that. However, in the seven seasons that PNC Park has been around, the Pirates have produced zero winning seasons. McClatchy deserves blame for that as well.

To sum things up, McClatchy was a horrible owner and had no business running a major league franchise. The Pirates needed a fresh start and McClatchy stepping down, even though it was inevitable, is a moment for Pirates fans to cherish.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. McClatchy has done more for a community than you and your entire network of friends could ever do.
I think bashing a single human for a team's efforts is pitiful. I'm glad "Pittsburgh using Kevin McClatchy as a whipping post" era is over. He deserves much more respect than anyone ever gives him.