Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Five Random Guys to Root for in the World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic is built around the stars...we all know that. But what about the former scrubs, who currently comprise a sizable majority of WBC rosters? How come they get no pub? This atrocity needed to be taken care of.

So without further ado, here are five random WBC players, who I will be cheering for...no stars included.

5. Ruben Rivera, Panama
-Don't let Ruben anywhere near Derek Jeter's glove...or let him run the bases for that matter.

4. Karim Garcia, Mexico
-Karim Garcia in the United States...scrub...
Karim Garcia in Korea...superstar....what a world!

3. Ramiro Mendoza, Venezuela
-Mendoza gave up one of my favorite home runs...ever. I'm convinced that the moon shot Mendoza gave up to Piazza on that fateful afternoon in 1999 is still somewhere in orbit. What a shot.

In addition, I nearly witnessed a perfect game at Yankee Stadium thrown by none other than...Ramiro Mendoza. Details are a shade fuzzy for me, but I'm convinced that Carlos Febles was the culprit who broke up the perfecto. Anyone have any additional info on this?

2. Stubby Clapp, Canada
-Good question: who is Stubby Clapp? Better question: what is a Stubby Clapp? Great question: how can we not root for a guy named Stubby Clapp? And did I mention he's Canadian!

1. Randall Simon, Netherlands
-Yes, it's that Randall Simon. And he is from the Netherlands. Who knew? How can I not root for the guy? For your own safety, please keep all sausages away from Simon.


GM-Carson said...

Stubby Clapp sounds like a sexual transmitted virus.

Jorge Says No! said...

GM-Carson: Stubby Clapp is by far one of the best baseball names I have ever heard in my life...second of course to Razor Shines.

thanks for the comment.