Friday, March 27, 2009

Want an Autograph? Join the Mob!

From our good friends over at the AP photo wire, we have pictures of modern day autograph hounds. Want to turn an average group of ordinary citizens into a pushy, obnoxious, and sometimes violent mob? Simply ask/plead with your favorite all star (David Wright) to sign an autograph for you at stadium, and once he proceeds over to sign your baseball, you'll notice a massive throng of men and women of all shapes, sizes, and smells rampaging behind you. Before you know it, a stampede has formed behind you and all rules of an organized society are thrown out the window.

Ladies and gentlemen, the pictures you are about to see are from 2009 spring training. They involve hand crushing, child smashing, and awkward old man climbing all in the name of an autograph. As you scroll through these pictures, just ask yourself, what would you do to acquire your favorite player's signature?

Could you imagine that many people shoving balls and pens at you?

The "Manny Mass"
The Longoria Mob
Teixeira cool under pressure
Make sure to sign only with your right hand, Cole Hamels

I love Ichiro so much that I'm willing to jam my arm in between a fence
Ryan Howard better sign this guy's ball, or else he'll fall into the dugout
Yes, this is an actual photo of people trying to get Robinson Cano's autograph. Gotta love Yankee fans!

Signing with the chest protector on...gotta love it
I must admit, I'd love an autographed copy of Hamilton's book
So in conclusion, people are crazy about autographs. Perhaps for the memories...or maybe just for the money. Thanks ebay!

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