Monday, March 23, 2009

Poll Results: Who Will Win the AL East?

In our most recent poll, we asked "who will win the AL East in 2009?"

Well, 39 of you chimed in (c'mon people, VOTE!), and here are the results:

16 (41%)
-Red Sox
8 (20%)
10 (25%)
-Blue Jays
2 (5%)
3 (7%)

Wow, I'm surprised how little support the Red Sox got. Despite the tremendous offseason the Yankees had and the breakout of the Rays in 2008, I think the Sox should be the odds on favorite to win the east. They have a fantastic starting pitching staff that runs about 8 deep and their bullpen should be vastly improved from last season. Oh yeah, did I mention that John Smoltz will be around hopefully sometime in May...can't forget the impact that he will have on the Sox. And the offense will be better...assuming that Papi and Lowell are healthy for the entire season.

To me, this is by far the best division in all of baseball. The Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees are three of the best teams in all of baseball and by the way, the Jays and Orioles aren't so bad either. It's conceivable that there will be three teams in this division approaching 90 wins this season
, which is exciting for me as a baseball fan even though I have no particular rooting interest for either team.

Look for the Orioles to improve big time this season, especially if phenom Matt Wieters gets the call and Felix Pie turns out to be the real deal. This is a young team on the rise that will eventually challenge for the division title...just not yet.

Next Poll: Who win the 2009 AL Central? VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


Anonymous said...

Wow, no love from Red Sox nation. Maybee they're turned off by the blog name?

For the record, I voted for the Sox.

Jorge Says No! said...

Who knows? Jorge is quite a dividing figure in the rivalry, but I'd like to think that at the same time Jorge is some kind of unifying force....only in my dreams.

Anonymous said...

"I think the Sox should be the odds on favorite to win the east."

Spoken like a true Mutts fan!