Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why yes, that is Carlos Delgado's Pants

Now that I've had a few days to unwind from my spring training travels, I thought I would share one of my better stories from my trip.

Last Monday, at the Orioles v. Mets spring training game, my brother, Evan, left Tradition Field with a pair of Carlos Delgado's game worn pants.

Don't believe me? Here's the proof:

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Still don't believe me? Take a look at this:

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If the pictures don't show it, I'd like to state for the record that the pants are gigantic. Delgado's pants go from my head to my knees, which is somewhat scary when you think about it (I am 5'8).

(And for the record, there are no skidmarks present...)

So you might be wondering, how in the world did you guys wind up with Carlos Delgado's pants?

Luck, luck, and more luck.

While getting some delicious concessions in the middle of an inning, Evan noticed that there was a prize wheel where you had the opportunity to win a bat or a "grand prize." The rest of the prizes ranged from a soda to a key lanyard, which I'm sure any person would have been thrilled to win. The odds of winning a big prize were terrible, but Evan figured, what the hell, for $5, I'll give it a shot.

So Evan goes first and lands on "spin again." Awkwardly enough, he landed on "spin again" another two times after that. Jesus about holding up the entire line. But then finally, on his fifth spin, Evan finally avoided the dreaded "spin again."

And you guessed it, he hit the jackpot.

Somehow, someway, Evan's spin landed perfectly on "grand prize", to which Evan and me simply stared at the board in disbelief. Holy shit...this really happened.

So we both glance over to see what Evan had won. An older woman came up to Evan holding a huge pair of pants and gives it to him. What the hell? Pants? And before we could walk away, she states, "oh yeah, those are Carlos Delgado's. Look inside.

Holy shit. My brother and I could not believe it. These were Delgado's actual game worn pants. Wow.

And if you think the story cannot get any more ridiculous, well, it does.

After Evan's miraculous victory, I decided to give the wheel a spin. And, yup, you guessed it, I got the "grand prize" as well! Amazing? yes. Miraculous? absolutely. Rigged? No. My parents won a soda and two tickets to a future spring training game from the prize wheel...not exactly the "grand prize."

So what did I win? Well, if you're a fan of Ron Villone (there has to be one out there, right), then I have the item for you!


Don't believe me?


(And for the record, the pull over does not smell like B.O)

Number 92 on the Mets spring training roster is non other than Ron Villone. Yes, the same Ron Villone who has played for seemingly every baseball team on the Western Hemisphere.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled. Ron Villone's pull over jersey is my newest momento and will eventually be framed. Hopefully Ron makes the Mets and has big season! Is it too early to start the Ron Villone fan club?

(Note: It's creepy how happy my brother and I were to win the clothing of other dudes...gotta love baseball I guess...)

h/t: Evan Levitt


tHeMARksMiTh said...

I'd rather have the Spring Training tickets than Ron Villone's jersey.

Jorge Says No! said...

No love for Ron Villone!?