Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Training Extravaganza (March 9. 2009)

As some of you know, I'm in Florida with my family for a few days taking in as much baseball as humanly possible (we started with a double header today!). This has been a tradition in my family for more than a decade and I am happy to report that this trip has been a blast so far. Posting will be at somewhat of a minimum until Wednesday or Thursday, but I will have some great shots to show off from Spring Training.

Anyway, onto the highlights of Day 1: (LOTS OF PICTURES COMING SOON)

Game 1, Orioles v. Mets

-Seeing Jose Valentin play shortstop

-Yes people, we have confirmation, Luis Castillo can indeed move

-Watching Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen and John Franco give a pitching lesson to Mets owner Jeff Wilpon's son (I think). I'd like to think that Warthen has better things to do, but when the owner needs something done, there are no questions asked I suppose.

-Chatting with Brian Schnieder and Jonathan Niese about playing in New York

-seeing Bill Parcells (he was there for some reason)

-Talking to Razor Shines (no picture yet!) and getting his autograph

-Carlos Delgado's pants (story to come later)

Game 2, Tigers v. Marlins

-Watching Rick Porcello pitch (this dude is going to be amazing)

-Chris Volstad is a big guy

-Chatting with Wes Helms about the debilitating home run he hit against the Mets in game 162 last season...Helms stated that the home run "felt good." I bet it did...I still lose sleep about it.

-Getting Jim Leyland's autograph...the always candid Leyland responded to my question about how the team looked so far this spring by noting, "we don't look too good so far, we have tons of guys at the World Baseball Classic." How's that for honesty?

-seeing Bill Parcells (yes, he was at this game as well)

-Watching the Marlins bench before the game. Non stop energy, high fives, jumping around, and screaming. Gotta love it. That's what baseball is all about. This team has a great vibe right now and I am a true believer that big things are to come for the Marlins.

Those are just some tidbits for now...more stories and pictures will be on the way from spring training.

(Today: Nationals v. Mets): picture with Razor Shines?

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