Monday, September 21, 2009

The Market for Joe Crede?

Yet another tough break for free agent to be Joe Crede, who will undergo yet another back surgery this offseason:
"Crede, out for the season, said the procedure by Dr. Andrew Dossett, a Dallas orthopedist, will remove fluid from a herniated disk that is impeding on a nerve. Crede expects to have the operation Friday. The date will be finalized Monday.

"It's something I have to do if I want to get back out there," Crede said before Sunday's game against Detroit.

Recovery time is about two months.

The 31-year-old Crede has had two major operations in the past two years, the last in October. He played in only 144 games with 502 at-bats from 2007-08."
At this stage in his career, he's a risk because of his back issues and cannot be counted on to be a starting third baseman. In addition, even though Crede was an all-star in 2007, you can certainly say that Crede has not put together a quality season at the dish since 2006.

You have to wonder what kind of market Crede will have this winter once he become a free agent. The market is not exactly favorable to Crede. There is a number of decent third basemen out there, who come with less question marks than Crede and have been more productive over the past three years (Figgins, Feliz, Beltre, Mora, and possibly Tejada). Crede could have a tough time finding considerable playing time in this market given the number of possible options on the open market.

I feel sorry for Joe Crede. Here was a guy who was one of the best third basemen in baseball in 2006 and was all set to cash in once he became a free agent in 2008, but because of injuries, he has not come close to achieving his full potential-both on the field and in his wallet.


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Jason @ IIATMS said...

Joe Crede is jealous of the Market for Milton Bradley.