Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chicago Cubs: Five Things to Look Forward to in 2009

1. Carlos Marmol
-Over the past two seasons, Carlos Marmol has established himself as one of the mos dominant relief pitchers in baseball. Marmol is a strikeout machine, who makes hitters look absolutely foolish with his filthy stuff. But the big question remains: can Marmol close? He is set to become the Cubs closer in 2009 and it remains to be seen if he can handle the pressue. I, for one, would put my money on Marmol...this guy should be dominant.

2. A healthy Alfonso Soriano
-This is a scary thought for the rest of the National League: the Cubs
have made the playoffs in each of the last two seasons without a healthy Alfonso Soriano. In each of the past two seasons, Soriano has missed time during the season because of various ailments. The thought of a healthy Soriano should make Cubs fans giddy inside...start praying to the baseball Gods that Sori stays healthy...he's a difference maker.

3. Milton Bradley Explodes
-It's bound to happen folks...let's hope Milton stays safe on the golf carts...especially with his injury history.

4. The rise of Aaron Heilman
-I'm thrilled for Aaron that he is finally out of New York. The guy needed a fresh start...and a place to start. If the Cubs give Heil the opportunity to start, I bet he will flourish. This guy has fantastic stuff and could be a real difference maker for the Cubs in 2009...like Ryan Dempster was in 2008.

5. Spelling Bee!
-How do you know your a Cubs fan? Spell Theriot or Fontenot.

How do you know your a Cubs fan from Japan? Spell Fukudome.

How do you know your a die hard Cubs fan? Spell Samardzija.


tHeMARksMiTh said...

Did Bradley run that umpire from '07 or anyone else over?

Josh said...

tHeMARksMiTH: Milton Bradley+golf cart=potentially terrible idea.

I want Milton to get his act together for good...hopefully this will be the year.

Louise said...

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