Monday, March 2, 2009

LaTroy Hawkins: Team USA gettin' Desperate

The World Baseball Classic is supposed to be a display of baseball from all over the world being played at the highest level. By no means is LaTroy Hawkins supposed to be involved in this tournament in any capacity. Relief pitchers with career ERAs above 4.70 should not come anywhere near this tournament unless they have a ticket.

But in a cruel, yet comedic twist of fate, LaTroy Hawkins is on the US squad!

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Astros pitcher LaTroy Hawkins accepted an invitation to participate in the World Baseball Classic and plans to depart for Team USA’s workouts in Clearwater, Fla., later today.

Marcel Lachemann, the pitching coach for the Americans, called Hawkins on Sunday night to gauge his interest. Hawkins didn’t commit until he spoke to several people, including his wife Anita and his grandfather.

He also spoke to several friends in baseball, all of whom said he should go. Included in that group were players Doug Brocail, Jacques Jones, Matt Lawton and Eddie Guardardo.

“My wife said, 'You always wanted to pitch in the Olympics or compete in the Olympics, whether it’s speed-walking or something,'” Hawkins said. “She said, ‘This is as close as you could get,’ and I said, ‘You’ve got a point.’”

C'mon USA baseball, we don't have anyone better than LaTroy Hawkins? This is the same LaTroy Hawkins, who was relegated to mop up duty with the Yankees just a year ago and was subsequently booed out of New York! This guy stinks.

What? Was Kyle Farnsworth unavailable for the tournament? How about Aaron Heilman? I'm sure Scott Schoeneweis would have loved to have been involved in the tournament.

Seriously, there has to be someone better than Hawkins...right?


drbruce said...

Hey, my fastball was recently clocked at 31 MPH -- maybe the US team could use me!!!

Josh said...

drbruce: by any chance are you Orlando Hernandez? You guys throw about the same speed...

thanks for the comment.