Thursday, March 26, 2009

Toronto Blue Jays: Five Things to Look Forward to in 2009

1. Roy Halladay
-Enjoy him while you can, Blue Jays fans. Halladay will be a free agent after 2010, and who knows, after all these years of mediocrity, the big guy just might walk to greener pastures. Hell, it might not even get to that point if the Jays play poorly and decide to trade Halladay....interesting.

2. Adam Lind finally gets a chance!
-After riding the AAA express back and froth from Syracuse to Toronto, the Blue Jays finally seem to have come to the conclusion that yes, Lind is talented enough to play everyday with the Blue Jays. No longer will an aging mediocre outfielder prevent Lind from from showing the world what he can do. Lind should provide some needed pop to the Jays lineup from the left side, but he needs to raise his OBP.

3. A healthy Aaron Hill
-People are quick to forget that in 2007, Hill hit as well as any second baseman in baseball by hitting .291 with 47 doubles, 17 home runs, and 78 RBIs. Hill appeared to on his way towards becoming one of the best second baseman in baseball, but then in 2008, Hill missed a majority of the season after suffering a devastating concussion. Hopefully Hill can bounce back in 2009 and regain the form that made him one of the league's rising stars in 2007.

4. Travis Snider
-We have heard so much about Travis Snider since he was drafted by the Blue Jays in 2006 that it is hard to imagine that Snider is just 21 years old. However, don't let his age fool you, Snider can hit. Blue Jays personnel drool over Snider's power potential and are giddy at the thought of watching Snider develop over the course of the season. The Jays need Snider to develop into a franchise player that will give the Jays an identity for the next decade.

5. Ok, Ok Blue Jays!!

Hands down the corniest seventh inning stretch in baseball. Gotta love Canada.


Jason @ IIATMS said...

Is it mean that my first 2 thoughts when reading the headline was:

1) The hockey playoffs in June?
2) Don Cherry's blazer

tHeMARksMiTh said...

You always find the videos that make me crack the hell up. At the end of the year, you should have a series of posts revisiting the best ones. The Korean baseball one should be #1 as it stands now.

evan said...

O man that video is crazy.......

Josh said...

3) Booing Vince Carter

tHeMARksMiTh: It's almost hard to believe that a major league team can get away with doing something so lame...If there is anyone from Toronto out there, an explanation would be wonderful.

Louise said...

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