Monday, March 30, 2009

Poll Results: Who Will Win the AL Central?

In our most recent poll, we asked "who will win the AL Central in 2009?"

Well, 34 of you chimed in (c'mon people, VOTE!), and here are the results:

13 (38%)
7 (20%)
3 (8%)
9 (26%)
-White Sox
2 (5%)

We either have lots of Royals fans here or there are just lots more people who are far more optimistic about this team than I. But whatever the reason, the Royals sure found support in this poll and if they do indeed come in second, I will be surprised. Even though they have upgraded their talent, I still do not think they have enough starting pitching to compete nor can they get on base enough. Prove me wrong, Royals.

I am a long time fan of White Sox GM Kenny Williams and while some people might see this season as a rebuilding year for the Sox, I think the Sox will surprise some people and be very competitive in the Central. This team has a number of good, young players (Ramirez, Getz, Fields), who I think will fully breakout in 2009, a la Carlos Quentin last season. When you consider that the White Sox still have a strong starting rotation with Danks, Floyd and Buerhle; this team could be dangerous as long as the offense clicks.

Next Poll: Who win the 2009 AL West? VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

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