Friday, May 8, 2009

2009 Best Baseball Names Roster

UPDATE #2: Rusty Kuntz. Need I say more?

UPDATE #1: Clete Thomas absolutely needs to be on this roster. Replaced Endy Chavez.

It's Tuesday. There's tons of baseball talk going on and great games later tonight. Unfortunately, I will be stuck in the library for most of the day as finals slowly eat away at my mind, body, and soul.

But in the mean time, I thought this was a fun idea: compiling a roster of the best names in major league baseball today. So have some fun with this, and please comment on who needs to be included on the roster.

2009 Best Baseball Names Roster

C-Humberto Quintero
1B-Nomar Garciaparra
2B-Kelly Johnson
SS-Yuniesky Betancourt
3B-Cody Ransom
OF-Milton Bradley
OF-Coco Crisp
OF-Nyjer Morgan

Bench-Skip Schumaker
Bench-Clete Thomas
Bench-Alfredo Amezega
Bench-Willie Bloomsquist
Bench-Travis Ishikawa
Bench-Yorvit Torrealba

SP-Vincente Padilla
SP-Joba Chamberlain
SP-Chien Ming Wang
SP-Dan Giese
SP-Chris Jakubauskas

RP-Buddy Carlyle
RP-Scott Schoeneweis
RP-Will Ohman
RP-Kyle Farnsworth(less)
RP-Jose Arredondo
RP- Jonathan Albaladejo

Coach-Razor Shines (thanks Devon!)
Coach-Dick Pole
Coach-Rusty Kuntz (classic)
Manager-Bud Black (great baseball name)

I do feel the need to include Bobby Cox and Clint Hurdle on this roster somehow...hmmm..


Anonymous said...

Grant Balfour

PWHjort said...

Dan Haren is a pretty good one too. I don't know, that name just sort of has a baseball "ring" to it.

Anonymous said...

Of course, every team needs coaches, and Razor Shines is one for the Mets this year

Josh said...

Amen. You could not be more correct, sir.

clarkend33 said...

what about Clete Thomas? A true baseball name if I ever heard one.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Love that you included my Farnsworthless.

You can't have Farnsy without Sir Sidney Ponson, though

Anonymous said...

The Reds have a coach named Dick Pole.

Also, Pujols belongs on the list somewhere. Here are some actual things I've heard broadcasters say:

"Pujols ripped one right at him!"

"These Cardinals players really feed off of Pujols."

"Nobody can quiet the thunderous Pujols."


Fukudome is also a good one.

And there was a player in the WBC whose name was Bum Ho Lee. Seriously. It was amazing.

Josh said...



Crotch said...

How could you forget about Rusty Kuntz?

Josh said...

Sidney Ponson is only under consideration if I can call him "Sir Sidney"

Josh said...

Is good ole' Rusty Kuntz still around?

Anonymous said...

Milton Bradley over Willie Bloomsquist and Endy Chavez. Also, no love for Coco Crisp?

Have to also throw in Rocky Cherry as my personal favorite. Homer Bailey?

Anonymous said...

Not an MLBer, but the Cubs have a prospect named Darwin Barney.

Maybe you could have a minor league section.

Josh said...

Bradley and Crisp are musts.

I cannot believe I forgot about them. D'oh!

Nims said...

Marco Scutaro
Russ Ohlendorf
Dexter Fowler

Anonymous said...

Lastings Milledge?

Josh said...

Milledge needs to be on this list somehow...even if he is in the minors right now...hmmm

Anonymous said...

Rusty Kuntz is the first base coach for the Royals and has been there for the past few years.

Josh said...

Absolutely perfect.

samerochocinco said...

Elijah Dukes

Jack said...

What about Homer Bush?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you haven't mentioned Boof Bonser.