Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Morning Photo: Rays Fans Are Ready To Start A Crusade...Or Something

Hmmm...where do I begin with this photo.

1. Love the creativity
2. How did they come up with this idea?
3. Are they supposed to be Knights?
4. If they are knights, is there a reason why they chose to dress up as Knights?
5. What do their wives think?
6. Why do they have a strange resemblance to chickens with beards?
7. I love the painted on white beards; nice work fellas
8. What does the shirt say?
9. Once again, what the hell is the point of this?
10. How much alcohol must one consume to dress up like that?

Any Rays fans with more insight, please let your voice be heard. This was obviously a very well thought out plan by these four gentleman, even if the rest of us have no clue what they were trying to pull off (I'll be honest, I looked online for 20 minutes trying to figure this mystery out.). I am perplexed and amazed by this photo, as I'm sure many of you are.

(photo: AP)

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