Friday, May 29, 2009

Carlos Zambrano: 6 Game Suspension A Joke

Considering how poorly Carlos Zambrano acted during Wednesday's game, I find it hard to believe that a 6 game suspension does the job here. For a position player, sure, a 6 game suspension would be mighty fair. But Carlos Zambrano is a starting pitcher. The suspension that MLB imposed on him means that he will simply miss one start. That's all. One start.

What kind of message does that send? Does MLB really think that's a harsh punishment? If they really want to send a message to the Carlos Zambranos of the world, then they would have suspended Zambrano for at least 2 or 3 starts, not just one.

When you take into account that Josh Beckett was initially suspended 6 games earlier in the season for firing a pitch close to Bobby Abreu's head, it's embarrassing that Zambrano only got 6 games for acting like a baffoon. Chucking the baseball, "ejecting the umpire", and beating the innocent Gatorade cooler are all actions that are childish and stupid.

Six games does not do it. The punishment does not fit the act(s). The six game suspension is merely a slap on the wrist to Zambrano and fails to send the right message.


Ron Rollins said...

Considering the umpire didn't walk away, and may have well initiated the contact, I think it's acceptable.

It was probably a backhanded deal where Zambrano got 6 games, and the umpire got away with his actions.

If they do more to Zambrano, the Cubs are going to press the issue with the umpire.

Becasue of everything that's happened lately, and the prima donna attitude of too many umpires, there is going to be an explosion and a very ugly situatioin coming soon, involving an umpire.

Watson must know that and that's why the suspension was so low.

Anonymous said...

That contact was definitely umpire-initiated. In light of that, he shouldn't have been suspended. If Zambrano doesn't get tossed for no reason, he doesn't go on that giant rampage.