Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baseball Wives

Hey look, a show on E! that actually looks somewhat interesting and baseball related:

"E! has a rarity tonight (10 p.m.), a show with "wives" in the title that is entertaining without being sensational or sleazy.

Baseball Wives celebrates women whose husbands have pressure-packed, public occupations, which can elevate you to celebrity status and set you up for life or brand you a failure at an age when many people are just getting started in their careers.

The show offers a taste of the entire spectrum. Jennie Finch, an Olympic softball gold medal winner, is married to Casey Daigle, who is scuffling to make it in the Houston Astros organization. Heidi Hamels, wife of Phillies World Series hero Cole Hamels, gained a measure of fame in her own right when she took off her top for peanut butter on Survivor 6. That was before she met Cole."
I'm sure the thought of Jennie Finch and Heidi from Survivor on TV will be enough for many dudes to watch this show. But this show underscores the difficult life of a baseball family as the husbands are gone for almost six months straight.

"Baseball Wives serves as a reminder that fame and fortune do not insulate athletes' families from the hassles, challenges and heartaches people in less prominent professions endure. Their relationships hit rough spots and their children get sick, sometimes life-threateningly so. The women also have to live with the constant knowledge that there are groupies who make themselves available to their husbands and that a trade could force them to move to another part of the country...."

"The husbands are essentially nonfactors in the family's life six months a year. They miss birthdays, weddings and anniversaries that fall during the season. Even when they are playing at home, they are generally gone from noon to midnight."
People love to get on baseball players for earning enormous salaries and playing a game for a living, but there is an entirely different side of their lives that the public rarely gets to see. This show should/could give us a glimpse of what baseball players go through.
Side note: why is this show not on MLB network?


Bill said...

I'd watch just about anything with Jennie Finch in it (even softball!).

I hope they talk a lot about the rampant cheating that goes on with baseball players. I've always wondered about whether more of these women think that theirs is the one guy in a hundred who's different (i.e. faithful) or whether the money and lifestyle make it worth the knowledge that he's probably sleeping around on you. The former would make most of them incredibly naive, but most of these women could have their pick of any number of really rich and/or semi-famous guys, so the latter doesn't seem to make as much sense to me...

I might actually watch this show just to see if they address that question. And I was joking about the softball comment--I'll watch softball pretty much anytime if there's no MLB game on. :)

tHeMARksMiTh said...

I'm with Bill. Jennie Finch is hottt!

Jorge Says No! said...

I think this sums it up...put Jennie Finch on pretty much anything on TV and men will watch.