Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Ya Got?

Finally! The Baseball version of Billie Jean King v. Bobby Riggs! Sort of.

Who is better at softball? Women or men?

That's the overheated way to look at the "Battle of the Sexes" that will play out Monday night at Alexian Field between the Schaumburg Flyers baseball club, of the independent Northern League, and the Chicago Bandits, of National Pro FastPitch softball. Another way to look at it is that two pro teams that normally toil in the shadow of Chicago's big-time franchises have hit upon a gimmick to attract increased media attention and fan interest.

Ahh, softball. Only in the independent leagues. For me personally, I'd much rather watch this than the Mets right now. Less stressful and much more entertaining.

And did I mention that the girls are totally gonna smoke the dudes? Hitting a fast pitch softball is really, really difficult. Playing softball is just as big of an advantage as Riggs giving Billie Jean King the doubles ally in their male v. female match.

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