Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twilight and Baseball! Cue The Screaming Girls!

Finally, two of America's national pastimes, baseball and vampires, have come together:

If you're lacking plans for the 4th of July and you're a Twilight fan, considering packing up the family and hitting the road to Portland, Oregon! Cast members of Twilight and New Moon will be at PGE Park to play a little baseball.Remember that scene in Twilight where Edward takes Bella to play ball with the Cullens? It will be a little like that, minus Edward, Bella, and Jacob. They sadly won't be making an appearance.

So who will be on hand during the Vampire Baseball All-Star Game? Well, Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen), Rachel Lefevre (vampy Victoria), Christian Serratos (Angela), and Michael Welch (Mike Newtown), among others. For just $49, you can get a seat to watch the fun. Throw in another $86, you can get the all-star package which includes the Vampire Baseball game, admission to that evening’s Beavers vs. Sky Sox game, a voucher for an autograph and a voucher for dinner, dessert and a soft drink.

Too bad that Pattinson guy isn't going to be would have been interesting to watch thousands of screaming, young girls rioting on the baseball field just to get a sniff of this guy.

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