Thursday, July 30, 2009

David Ortiz On Alex Rodriguez and Steroids

Probably the most telling quote from Ortiz from this past Feburary when he commented on the Alex Rodriguez's admission to using steroids. As we all know, it was discovered today that David Ortiz was on the list of steroid users from 2003.

Alex Rodriguez has said he used banned substances between 2001-03, when he was with the Texas Rangers.

Ortiz said that at that time, "I would say it was certainly low, the percentage that wasn't using it. Like he said in the interview [with ESPN], that was what was goingaround the league at the time."

He praised Rodriguez for saying he used banned substances and said that after 2003, "he's been playing clean and he still produced and he's still been the best player in the game. So if I'm a fan and I had to judge the guy, I would put that in the past and move forward."

No one knows how long Ortiz has been clean for, but this is a tough pill for Red Sox fans to swallow. Not just Manny, but Papi too. Who knows if these guys were using during their magical 2004 World Series run. Even though, as the kids say, "they were all doing it", there is no doubt that this leaves a sickening taste in the mouths of Red Sox fans. It will be very difficult for Sox fans to simply move on, especially with Ortiz and the Red Sox struggling at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I actually disagree with the author of this article regarding how hard it will be for Boston fans to digest this news. If fans in Boston have already shown us anything, it's that they are totally willing to stand behind a cheater (Bill Bellicheat).

Jorge Says No! said...

I understand your point, but I disagree. YOu have to take into account how special the 2003-2004 (yes, 2003) Red Sox were to the people in Boston. If I was a fan of the Red Sox, I would be crushed by this. The 2004 team was especially memorable because they won for the first time in forever. But like the rest of baseball, they were infested with cheaters.

But there is no way in hell that this would surprise me.

nutballgazette said...

I have to lean to your view Josh. The Sox fans I have heard listening to WEEI online and reading the Red Sox Blogs The Sox Fans are upset.
Planet Mikey came out and said that he no longer recognizes Big Papi's Red Sox records saying Jimmie foxx's team records still stands

I found you following me on Twitter and I have added you to my Must Read in my Blog List.
Great Job

Anonymous said...

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Jorge Says No! said...


Thanks so much

seth said...

Alex Rodriguez is the most awsomest person to play baseball but yes he was on steriods but it takes a man to go up to a espn live camera and say he was on steriods.But like any other players would try to keep it more of a secret so they do not get in trouble.So quit bragging about him on his steriods.