Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Should the Blue Jays Trade Scott Rolen?

With all the Blue Jays talk surrounding trading Roy Halladay these days, I can't help but wonder if the Jays should try to move Scott Rolen as well. After a few down seasons, Rolen has performed magnificently this season by playing terrific defense and hitting .325 with 6 HR and an impressive .385 OBP. If there was ever a time for the Blue Jays to maximize the return on Rolen, now would be the time. Rolen, who is signed through 2010, could be a difference maker for a team that is looking to improve both offensively and defensively.

What could stop the Jays from dealing Rolen?

1. Rolen has a no trade clause and could veto any deal. But it looks like the Blue Jays are about to go into a quasi-rebuilding mode, which could encourage Rolen to waive the no trade should the right deal come around.

2. Who would replace Rolen in the future? As far as I can see, the Jays have no long term solution at third base, which is a problem during trade talks.

It's clear that the Jays are going nowhere in 2009 and probably nowhere in 2010, so with the future in mind, the Jays might be better off dealing Rolen now.



Bill said...

But what contenders need a 3B? Well, the Red Sox, probably, but the Jays aren't about to do that.

AL West: Angels are set, Rangers are set. M's could really use him, but are unlikely to give up anything to get a healthy but injury-prone 30-something vet to fill in for their injured one.

AL Central: Tigers are set, Twins are committed to Crede for better or worse. White Sox would definitely be a possibility.

NL West: Dodgers and Giants are set. Rox' 3Bs suck, but probably aren't guys they're going to give up on.

NL Central: Brewers will need somebody when McGehee turns back into a pumpkin. Cards could really use him depending on Glaus' health...but can we really see that happening? Cubs are set.

NL East: not going back to the Phils, where Feliz is doing fine anyway. Marlins won't add payroll. Obviously not supplanting Wright or Chipper.

So, I think you're probably right that they might as well trade him, but the only likely partners to me are the White Sox and Brewers, with a return to the Cards a real dark horse. Few competitors means low returns. So if it happens, Jays fans will probably be disappointed with the haul. Might want to wait until they get closer to the deadline to see if some 3B goes down to an injury or something.

Ryan said...

I think it would be the right move for the organization but I don't know if JP has the shelf-life to last long enough to see the rewards of a Rolen trade. Trading Doc and Halladay would send a very bad message in Toronto. It would be the start of yet another 5-year plan for JP.

Jorge Says No! said...

White Sox would be a GREAT fit.

Kenny Williams is the kind of GM who can make this happen

The Captain said...

Not a bad idea, it's time to re-tool for the Jays... we had some fun early on, but the fat lady has started to sing!