Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pete Rose and Gambling

Did Pete Rose Bet On Baseball?

Over two decades ago, Pete Rose was investigated and subsequently banned from Major League Baseball (and the Hall of Fame) for illegal sports betting. At the time, Pete Rose was the general manager for the Cincinnati Reds. From the beginning, Pete Rose admitted to illegal sports betting on NFL football and NBA basketball games. He also vehemently denied betting on baseball games.

It wouldn't be until years later that the truth would finally come out.

Did Pete Rose Illegally Bet On Baseball?

Authorities never really believed Pete Rose when he said he never bet on baseball games. Through gambling records acquired by investigators, it was shown that payments to bookies continued to be made through the summer months – a time when baseball is the only sport available to bet on. For 15 years, Pete Rose continued to deny any type of illegal gambling. However, in a book released in 2004, Rose finally admitted to betting on MLB games while coaching for the Reds.

Did Pete Rose Bet on the Cincinnati Reds?

While Rose admitted in his book that he bet on baseball games, he did not admit to betting on Cincinnati Reds games. The Dowd Report, a 225-page report that documented the MLB's case against Rose, indicated that it seemed Pete Rose bet on the Reds every time they played a game. In 2007, Pete Rose finally acknowledged that this allegation was true.

However, there is no evidence that Pete Rose ever bet against the Reds. Still, a manager betting on his team to win could cause the manager to make poor decisions regarding the team. In pursuit of money, a manager could ostensibly put in a pitcher who has not rested enough after an injury. Additionally, a manager in poor standing with bookies may be tempted to clear a debt by throwing games.

Will Pete Rose Ever Be Reinstated?

Pete Rose has sought to have the ban lifted on him ever since the ruling first came down. If not for the ban, Rose would almost certainly have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. However, it is unlikely that the ban will ever be removed as long as Bug Selig is still commissioner.


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